Anirvan Chowdhury

Anirvan Chowdhury

PhD candidate, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley


My broad research interests lie in comparative politics and the political economy of development. My current projects centre on women’s political participation, how cultural norms shape political behavior, religious nationalism, and public service delivery in decentralised contexts.


Journal Articles

2019 Voter information campaigns and political accountability: Cumulative findings from a preregistered meta-analysis of coordinated trials (with Thad Dunning, Guy Grossman, Macartan Humphreys, Susan Hyde, Craig McIntosh, Gareth Nellis, Claire L. Adida, Eric Arias, Clara Bicalho, Taylor C. Boas, Mark T. Buntaine, Simon Chauchard, Jessica Gottlieb, F. Daniel Hidalgo, Marcus Holmlund, Ryan Jablonski, Eric Kramon, Horacio Larreguy, Malte Lierl, John Marshall, Gwyneth McClendon, Marcus A. Melo, Daniel L. Nielson, Paula M. Pickering, Melina R. Platas, Pablo Querubin, Pia Raffler, and Neelanjan Sircar). Science Advances

Book chapters

2019 Meta-analysis (with Thad Dunning, Clara Bicalho, Guy Grossman, Macartan Humphreys, Susan Hyde, Craig Mcintosh and Gareth Nellis) in Information, Accountability and Cumulative Learning: Lessons from Metaketa I. Cambridge University Press.

2017 Do Gram Panchayats Get Their Money? A Case Study of Gram Panchayat Fund Flows in Birbhum District, West Bengal (with Ambrish Dongre and Yamini Aiyar) in Decentralisation, Governance and Development: An Indian Perspective. Orient Black Swan.

Working papers

Work in progress

Other writing

Women and politics

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